Check the whole intake system and if necessary please clean it. Then change the air filter. Any kind of dirt can cause damage of turbocharger. Only parts that are recommended by vehicle producers (OEM parts) can be used.


Oil system has to be checked in respect of tightness and permeability, so that oil can flow without any disturbance. Seals in grease system of turbocharger should be checked. In case of any disturbance or damage, please change immediately.


Change the oil in engine and oil filter. Only parts recommended by producer can be used.


If mounting a turbocharger only new seals should be used for the collector. Screw used for the mounting should be high temperature resistant and recommended for exhaust system use. Exhaust collector should be checked and if necessary also cleaned. Any dirt can cause damage on turbocharger.


Connect the grease system. Pour clean engine oil to the inside of turbocharger through a special slot, to avoid “dry” start of engine, while twisting at the same time the turbocharger rotor. Then install in sequence other connections. No pressures on connections in turbine should come up while mounting.


After shutting off power supply/ignition turn the kick-starter to develop pressure in grease system. Then start the engine and let it run on no-load for about 30 s. Check all connections and mountings for tightness and leaks.